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Dismissals<br>in aluminium sector

6 June, 1999Approximately 4,300 workers are to be laid off by Corporación Venezolana de Guayana.

ILO debates child labour, maternity protection

3 June, 1999Debate will take place on revision of two ILO Conventions.

A great opportunity to make your voice heard!

3 June, 1999Knowledge is power and free and open debate is necessary for democracy.

IAM expresses reservations<br>on admitting China to WTO

3 June, 1999The union has warned the Clinton Administration that it will oppose any World Trade Organisation accession agreement with China.

IMF NewsBriefs will replace IMF Fax News

3 June, 1999News items will be grouped every week or two into an IMF NewsBriefs.

Congratulations on union merger in Romania

30 May, 1999The merger was approved in mid-April.

Plea for peace in the Balkans

30 May, 1999The solution to the problem, if conditions for a stable peace are to be established, is with the total integration of the Balkans into the European Union.

Progress made for GE <br>to adopt ILO labour standards

30 May, 1999This is the first time ILO standards have been the subject of a shareholder resolution.

IMF Magna Internet Action Group launched

27 May, 1999GENEVA/VIENNA: The IMF is inaugurating a new project in a major transnational automotive parts producer, Magna International, with a two-day meeting which began yesterday in Vienna of the IMF Magna Internet Action Group.

Cause for celebration over asbestos

27 May, 1999EUROPEAN UNION: The Technical Committee of the European Union voted, on May 4, to ban chrysotile, or white asbestos, throughout the entire European Union.