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STATEMENT: Brazilian National Contact Point fails workers and justice after dam disaster

20 diciembre, 2019IndustriALL Global Union and the Building and Wood Workers’ International are disappointed with the performance, including the final statement of the Brazilian National Contact Point in response to their joint complaint  under the OECD Guidelines against Vale S.A. and BHP Billiton.

Kazakh leader remains in custody on politically motivated charges

19 diciembre, 2019On 3 December, the Shymkent court of Kazakhstan rejected the appeal of Erlan Baltabay, a former chairperson of Energy and Oil Workers Union "Decent Work" who was sentenced in June 2019 to seven years in jail on politically motivated charges never proven in court.

Unfair dismissal at Nokia in Finland

19 diciembre, 2019Nokia in Finland has terminated the employment of a shop steward following a protected strike. Nokia claims that he damaged the company by disconnecting devices prior to the strike action.

Global network meeting resolves to pursue dialogue with Anglo American

18 diciembre, 2019The IndustriALL Global Union Anglo American global network meeting in Johannesburg on 11-12 December agreed to pursue global dialogue with Anglo American at least twice a year, on issues the company faces with regards to mineworkers and communities.

Empowering young union leaders

18 diciembre, 2019More than 25 young leaders from Middle East and North African (MENA) countries met in Casablanca, Morocco, on 4-6 November to discuss how to promote youth issues in their unions and increase participation at national and regional levels. The meeting is part of a project aimed at empowering young trade union leaders in the region.

“We know enough to take action”

16 diciembre, 2019The IndustriALL Global Union Automotive Working Group proposed ten different approaches to deal with the profound change in the industry when it met in Düren, Germany, on 9-11 December.

COP25 conclusions – 15 December 2019

15 diciembre, 2019The 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, aka COP25, was finally formally closed at 1:55 pm on Sunday, 15 December. IndustriALL Global Union sustainability director Brian Kohler reports.

COP25 blog – 13 December 2019

13 diciembre, 2019IndustriALL sustainability director, Brian Kohler reports from COP25 in his blog.

Unions take action for the Philippines

12 diciembre, 2019This year’s Human Rights Day, 10 December, the global labour movement joined forces to call on the Philippines’ President Duerte to immediately end the persistent attacks on human and labour rights defenders.     

COP25 blog – 12 December 2019

12 diciembre, 2019Regular update from COP25 by Brian Kohler, IndustriALL sustainability director.