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IndustriALL - political statement on Covid-19

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus crisis, everything has changed, but in reality nothing has changed. The global crisis highlights the failures of the global economic system. The labour movement has seen many crises Nevertheless, this time it is different, and the implications for organised workers across the globe are profound.

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Negotiating the return to work

While governments are starting to ease lockdowns, unions around the world are negotiating the return to work. Health and safety are main priorities, and how the return to work will happen is critical for unions and workers. 

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Covid-19: the union response

The novel coronavirus, and the disease it causes, COVID-19, is leading to an unfolding public health, economic and employment crisis. Unions around the world are responding to the rapidly evolving situation, defending workers' rights and promoting social solidarity. This page will provide real time updates of union responses to the crisis from around the world.

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