Five years after Rana Plaza, the need for the Bangladesh Accord persists

18.04.2018 A few days before the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster that killed 1,134 workers, global trade unions and labour rights organizations are calling on all brands sourcing from Bangladesh to take responsibility for workers making their products by signing the renewed Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety.

IndustriALL mobilizes against grotesque labour law reform in Mexico

18.04.2018 With a vote looming in the Mexican Senate on labour reform proposals, the next two weeks will be crucial in the decades-long struggle to secure labour justice for Mexican workers. Affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean have been called upon to urge the Senate to reject the controversial proposals.

IndustriALL demands respect for workers’ rights and permanent jobs in the Ivory Coast

17.04.2018 Oil companies in the Ivory Coast should be committed to social dialogue, the rule of law, protection of workers’ rights and freedom of association, and the government should ensure that this happens, said IndustriALL Global Union general secretary Valter Sanches, when meeting with the country's minister of energy, oil and mines, and minister of employment and social protection to demand better treatment of workers in the oil and gas sector.

Signatories to the 2018 Accord

12.04.2018 A list of brands and retailers that have signed the 2018 Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

IndustriALL's Global Framework Agreements

17.04.2018 Global Framework Agreements are negotiated on a global level between trade unions and a multinational company. To date, IndustriALL has signed 44 GFAs with multinational companies.

Changing behaviours - organizing in Myanmar

16.04.2018 Yes, a Korean-owned garment factory in Yangon, Myanmar, is in some ways a rarity among the many other factories found in the township Hlaing Thar Yar. Workers here have formed a trade union and have negotiated a collective agreement with management.

Sanches urges rethink on African development strategies

16.04.2018 IndustriALL Global Union general secretary Valter Sanches has urged affiliates in Sub Saharan Africa to rethink development strategies for the continent, and to engage their governments on sustainable industrialization.

IndustriALL events calendar

Meeting recommends policies to end women workers’ rights violations in Sub Saharan Africa

13.04.2018 During a campaign for maternity protection in Nigeria, Oluchi Okorie, from IndustriALL Global Union affiliate, the Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas workers union, was asked by employers: “What is your problem? Are you pregnant?” Similar questions, that made fun of organizers, were common to those championing women workers’ rights at the workplace. They were also even ignored when they tried to speak in meetings at work.

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