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Georgia's growing union movement

25 June, 2015Georgia’s vibrant labour movement has grown in strength since 2012, and the country is a priority for IndustriALL Global Union when it comes trade union organizing. 

Japan: expedited ratification of Hong Kong Convention

23 June, 2015After a meeting in June between unions and the responsible government ministry, Japan has committed to expediting the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention.

Moldova: training of trainers workshop

24 June, 2015On 16-18 June, the Labour Institute in Chisinau, Moldova, hosted the second workshop of the Training of Trainers project organized by IndustriALL Global Union and its French affiliate FO-Metaux.

Case study: Accessing company financial information

16 July, 2015Having up-to-date financial company information is crucial for unions to negotiate the best terms for employees. But many businesses block access to their accounts weakening unions’ bargaining power. 

Ansell faces Aussie protests against treatment of Sri Lankan workers

25 August, 2015Unionists from the textile, manufacturing and construction sectors in Australia descended on the Melbourne-headquarters of condom and glove manufacturer Ansell today to demand better treatment of workers in Sri Lanka.

We need more women leaders!

25 August, 2015Women and men together take better decisions and organize more workers than men alone. That is why we need more women in the leadership of trade unions at the local, national and global level.

Finland - demonstrations to counter government attack on collective bargaining

15 September, 2015Three Finnish confederations of workers, SAK, STTK and AKAVA, have decided to organize a mass demonstration on 18 September to protest against measures proposed by the Finnish government.

Japanese union leaders reiterate government demand to ratify Hong Kong Convention

9 September, 2015On 9 September, the Japan Federation of Basic Industry Workers' Unions, JBU, met with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, MILT.

“Workers feel betrayed” – Unite members on strike

17 November, 2014Following a successful stoppage of work on 14 November, workers at Trelleborg Industrial AVS in Leicester, UK, are planning further strike action this week.  

Vote for the Public Eye Lifetime Award

21 November, 2014Six multinational companies, including Walmart and Glencore, are in the running for the Public Eye Lifetime Award. The prize highlights businesses guilty of human and labour rights violations, environmental destruction or corruption.