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Unions reject disastrous Peruvian reforms

18 July, 2014Unions in Peru are fighting to stop a harmful package of economic incentives from becoming law. The proposed measures are aimed at attracting foreign investment and boosting growth at the expense of workplace health and safety and the environment.

IRMA releases precedent-setting international standard for responsible mining

23 July, 2014IndustriALL and its North American affiliate United Steelworkers (USW) are marking the 22 July release of a draft Standard for Responsible Mining, by IRMA, a multi-stakeholder initiative to which both organizations are committed.

Daimler World Works Council elects new leadership

24 July, 2014A new leadership for the Daimler AG World Employee Committee (also known as World Works Council) has been constituted following a meeting in Germany.

Syngenta Pakistan continues to blatantly ignore court ruling

31 July, 2014IndustriALL Global Union expresses its outrage over Syngenta’s long-standing punishment with unacceptable treatment against union leaders and members, ignoring local and supreme court rulings in Pakistan.

Kimberly Clark Workers in Turkey End 43-day Strike with Gains

8 August, 2014IndustriALL Global Union’s Turkish affiliate Tümka-İş has managed to obtain new gains through determined industrial action of its 215 members at Kimberly Clark’s operation in the town Gebze.

Unpaid garment workers on hunger strike

6 August, 20141,600 Bangladeshi garment workers on hunger strike for more than a week have called for a strike at garment factories across the country on 10 August if outstanding salaries and bonuses are not paid.

Organizing in Bangladesh – changing the dynamics

20 August, 2014Although an industry which often suffers from sub-standard conditions, low pay and low job security, organizing garment workers in Bangladesh can be an uphill battle. Together with its partners, IndustriALL is participating in a project to increase union membership in the factories.

Global unions converge in Mongolia in campaign for Rio Tinto workers’ rights

21 October, 2014Leaders of IndustriALL Global Union’s Rio Tinto Network will gather in Mongolia on 22 October to plan the next moves in the worldwide campaign to improve worker rights at the mining giant.

Mexican electrical workers: five years of struggle – still standing, looking to the future and resisting

17 October, 2014On 11 October 2009, 44,000 employees of the state-owned utility company, Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LyFC), supplier of electricity to the central regions of Mexico, were literally thrown out on to the streets after a presidential decree issued by then President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa shut down the company.


10 October, 2014On the World Day for Decent Work IndustriALL affiliates held a number rallies and meetings in different cities of Russia.