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3 octubre, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work

Agreement reached at Tenaris in Brazil

3 octubre, 2012After a 24-hour strike, workers at Tenaris Confab voted to accept the proposal presented by the employer in the evening of 27 September 2012.

Unions fight back against the explosion of agency labour

2 octubre, 2012IndustriALL Global Union released ‘The Triangular Trap’ today, 2 October, a new report attacking the massive expansion of the use of agency work and demanding direct, secure and decent employment.

Unions fight back against explosion of agency labour

1 octubre, 2012Agency work is expanding massively throughout the world, replacing permanent, direct employment and undermining international labour standards.

Each one, teach one!

27 septiembre, 2012A four-day workshop for organizers and activists from the auto sector was held in St Petersburg, Russia, from 14 to 17 September.

Mexican parliament debates today on dangerous labour law reform

27 septiembre, 2012Mexican workers are picketing the Mexican parliament today; unions are mobilizing throughout the capital and elsewhere, as politicians debate the extremely anti-worker legislation submitted by outgoing president Felipe Calderón.

Autoworkers reach deals with Big Three in Canada

27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL Global Union affiliate Canadian Auto Workers reached a new contract with Chrysler, thus finalizing negotiations with all three big automakers in Canada: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

Syngenta Pakistan refuses to regularize 50 contract workers

27 septiembre, 2012Swiss-based agrichemicals multinational Syngenta has behaved disgracefully in Pakistan since sacking the company-level union’s General Secretary in December 2010. During a very long legal battle for the right of 50 workers to permanent employment, management has rejected the judgements of numerous labour courts, ruling in favour of the workers.

Riot police disperse sacked workers at Texim producing for Hugo Boss

27 septiembre, 2012Hugo Boss turns a blind eye to violent oppression of dismissed Texim workers producing their clothes in Turkey. The 38 Texim employees sacked since 7 August for trade union organizing had their peaceful picket attacked by 12 buses of riot police on 24 September.

Germany’s IG BCE and chemical employers call for just transition

27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL’s German affiliate IG BCE has issued a joint policy paper with employer associations regarding the effects of the energy transition in Germany on the chemicals industry.