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Organizational policy documents

IndustriALL's Anti-Corruption Policy

IndustriALL is against all forms of corruption. At IndustriALL, we aspire not only to be compliant with regulations on finance, but also to act in a socially responsible manner.

Global Worker

IndustriALL's bi-annual magazine

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Sector documents

This may include: sector reports, action plans or any other documents relating to a sector

Base Metals 
Action plan for the base metals sector - English
White-collar workers  

Organizing white-collar workers - English

Organizing white-collar workers - Spanish

Organizing white-collar workers - French

Organizing white-collar workers

- Bahasa Indonesia

Thematic publications

Precarious work

  • Negotiating security
  • The triangular trap


  • Sustainable industrial policy

Health and safety

  • COVID-19 - Advice for workers and employers
  • Right to refus or shut down unsafe work
  • Saving ourselves:

Industry 4.0

Global Framework Agreements

Trade union guide to the labour standards of the multilateral development banks

The binding labour standards (called safeguards) are the result of trade union action and provide an opportunity for leverage in trade union campaigns, and a method to hold international financial institutions, governments and corporations accountable. Publish by ITUC Washington DC office.

Campaign publications

Stop Precarious work

  • Logo
  • Leaflet

Ratify ILO C176 on Safety and Health in Mines

C176 Campaign guide (EnglishC176 Campaign guide (Urdu)Guide de Campagne C176 (Français)


Download poster in englishDownload poster in urdu Download poster in englishDownload poster in urdu 

Rio Tinto

  • Leaflet


  • Logo
  • Campaign banner
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Pledge in English

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Pledge in Spanish

Pledge in German

Pledge in Arabic

Pledge in Russian

Pledge in Korean