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ICEM, IMF and ITGWLF urge Peruvian government repeal laws on contracts for non-traditional exports

16 April, 2012These contracts deny workers the internationally recognised rights to the freedom of association and collective bargaining, impose long working hours, low pay, poor working conditions, abusive treatment and little access to health and maternity benefits and pensions because they are not permanent employment contracts.

Mining unions announce global campaign against Rio Tinto

19 April, 2012Unions representing members at Rio Tinto operations globally pledged to fight the company's anti-worker, anti-community practices in Alma, Canada and around the world. The first step, stop Rio Tinto from supplying the gold, silver and bronze for medals at the London Olympics in June.

Thousands march for locked-out Rio Tinto workers in Canada

3 April, 20128,000 unionists and supporters rally in Alma, Quebec, on behalf of 780 Rio Tinto locked-out members of the United Steelworkers.

FLA report on Apple fails to guarantee workers a voice

2 April, 2012Apple finally admits to issues in it's supply chain, with the release of the Fair Labour Association (FLA) report on March 29, but identifying the problem is only a first step, Apple must rely on workers themselves to monitor the labour conditions in the production of its products, not on auditors alone.

Strike at Volvo Brazil

16 May, 2012After pay talks with Volvo stalled, the Greater Curitiba Metalworkers' Union has called a strike for an indefinite period.

IndustriAll European trade union launched

17 May, 2012Three federations merge to become IndustriAll European trade union, demanding industrial growth and more jobs.

Rally in Chicago on the eve of the G8 Summit

14 May, 2012Supporters are gearing up for a massive march and rally in Chicago on May 18, 2012 for the Robin Hood tax and against government austerity measures. Registered nurses, labour, community, and Occupy Wall Street activists will gather in a major rally in Chicago to kick off protests on the eve of the G8 and NATO summits.

New leadership of Tunisian metalworkers elected

13 April, 2012The Tunisian metalworkers' union (FGME) continued to pave the way for genuine renewal and democratization of the Tunisian trade union movement at its Congress on April 11 and 12, electing a new leadership team.

Outlawed pro democracy actions demobilised in Swaziland

16 April, 2012Outrageously oppressive government of Swaziland, flouts human and labour rights, demobilising pro democracy campaign actions planned for April 12, 2012, which marks the 39th year of an on going state of emergency in Africa's smallest nation.

Mexican courts recognise Napoleón Gómez as general secretary of miners' union

3 May, 2012The Supreme Court rules in favour of the union. The government must now officially recognise Napoleón Gómez as general secretary.