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Building women’s power in the Philippines

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4 November, 2014The newly formed women’s committee of IndustriALL Global Union Philippine affiliates, the Women’s Unity Group has declared a proactive role and participation in policy and union decision-making structures at the global, regional, and at the national and workplace level.

The first formal strategic meeting of the IndustriALL Philippine women’s committee, the Women’s Unity Group was held on November 4. The aim was to assess the recently held national and sub-regional women’s conference in Manila and to build a strategic action plan towards realizing women's full potential in unions and society.

Rosalinda Manabat, chairperson of the committee, proposed to formalize the body and take active part in dialogue with government and other stakeholders in asserting women’s rights not only at the workplace but also in communities and society at large. She says:

We must show our leadership capability in these modern times, women should be at the forefront of every policy change at different levels to protect our rightst.

As a starting point, the committee members agreed to formalize the structure of the women’s unity group, to strengthen respective women’s committee at the federation level and creation and a reviving of women’s committee at the plant level. The body reiterated their intention to launch a coordinated campaign in order to contribute for the ratification of ILO Convention 183 on Maternity Protection.