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8 October, 2013

OS KOVO has organized the following activities around the World Day for Decent Work:

  • An article their weekly Kovak distributed to all OS KOVO members
  • Another article including the Czech version of the STOP Precarious Work poster and leaflet in the 7 October Kovak issue distributed into all members
  • The Triangular Trap publication, leaflet and poster will be distributed to the OS KOVO Council members at its meeting on 9 October
  • IndustriALL Global Union video on Precarious work with Czech subtitles will be presented to the OS KOVO Council meeting
  • Presentation on precarious work issue will be made tat the OS KOVO Council meeting followed by debate
  • Presentations and discussions on precarious work will take place at OS KOVO’s Section meetings from September to December 2013