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Gerdau network meeting

Friday April 28 representatives of the majority of unions organizing workers of Gerdau – Sidenor met en Madrid, Spain. More than 20 delegates representing 6 of the 8 plants of Gerdau – Sidenor in Spain from UGT, CCOO, USO and ELA participated in the meeting. The event was chaired by Fernando Lopes, Assistant General Secretary of IndusriALL and Gerdau worker.

Participants discussed the situation of Gerdau in Spain. Particularly, they paid attention to the policies of health and safety of Gerdau comparing the company discourse with the reality that in Spain resulted in two contracted out workers dying in workplace accidents, one in December 2013 and another in January 2014.

A second issue grabbed the attention of the participants: the future of the plant located in Vitoria. Gerdau decided to transfer part of the production to a plant owned by the competition Arcelor-Mittal, leaving in doubt the future of the plant.

Finally, there was a revision of the activities of the Gerdau Workers’ World Council and preparation for the participation in the next meeting of the Council in May in Argentina. The participants also talked about next activities of the unions in Spain.