STOP Precarious Work!

STOP Precarious Work!

Getting ready for 7 October


With 7 October less than one week away, IndustriALL affiliates are preparing a range of actions to bring visibility to their fight against precarious work.

7 October will be the culmination of several ongoing national campaigns  against precarious work. In many countries, affiliates will articulate the global campaign to their national fight for a better legislation.

In the Philippines, 7 October will mark the kick off of the IndustriALL affiliates’ joint campaign “Stop Precarious Work! Regular Jobs for All”. IndustriALL affiliates are organizing a joint rally towards the Department of labour and employment (DOLE). They are expecting a participation of more than 750 people, both permanent and precarious workers. After this mobilization, representatives of IndustriALL’s 15 affiliates will have a discussion with the Labour Secretary. They will present their joint position paper on precarious work and their campaign which aims mainly at reviewing existing bills on security of tenure.

In Sri Lanka, affiliates will organize joint rallies as part of their ongoing campaign for the modification of the legislation in order to set limits the use of precarious work.

In Cameroon, IndustriALL affiliates are working towards the introduction of specific regulation for subcontracting to avoid the use of subcontractors in key and permanent activities of the companies. Within the framework of this campaign, they will organize a tripartite meeting with representatives of government and employers’ associations on 7 October.

In Brazil, a demonstration involving several trade union centers along with other organizations of the Brazilian social movement will be organized on 3 October. Among other demands, trade unions will request to limit the outsourcing. In April 2015, the House of Representatives in Brasilia had adopted a bill in favor of the liberalization of outsourcing. Trade unions are since then conducting an active campaign to delay its adoption by the Senate.

In Cambodia, affiliates will link their action with the ongoing campaign on maternity protection. They will organize a protest in front of factories and offices demanding “Maternity protection for all women” and “STOP Precarious Work”. They will also discuss both issues in a workers' study circle.

In Europe, affiliates will also take action. In Belgium, IndustriALL affiliates will participate in a national manifestation against antisocial policies of the governments, presenting their alternatives.

In Germany, IGMetall will mobilize against the abuses of the use of the contracts for work and services (“Werkverträge”) under the slogan “They will not divide us”.

This year again on 7 October, IndustriALL affiliates will send a strong message to the world to STOP Precarious Work!