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IBM CEO abandons Roadmap 2015

23 October, 2014After months of public outcry, employee outrage and pressure on social media by the IBM Global Union Alliance, CEO of IBM Ginni Rometty, has at last "abandoned Roadmap 2015", the plan to deliver $20 earnings per share by next year.

While IBM focused on out of touch “Roadmap” goals, enormous damage has been done to both employees and the company:

  • Tens of thousands of employees’ contracts have been terminated in “resource actions” around the world.
  • Pay cuts, benefit cuts and lack of pay rises have severely impacted employees’ livelihood.
  • Business units and employees have been sold to other companies, and in some cases, IBM have even paid to have units taken over by companies such as Global Foundries.
  • Unreasonable cost cutting has affected the daily financial needs of employees.
  • Employees have quit in large numbers due to a toxic work environment.
  • Work has been off-shored, decimating employee population in countries such as the USA and Australia.
  • Customers have lost confidence in the company.
  • IBM employee morale is rock bottom.

Although “Roadmap 2015” has been abandoned, job cuts, pay cuts and a toxic work environment mean that the pain is likely to continue for IBM employees.

The IBM Global Union Alliance member unions, which include IndustriALL Global Union, strongly opposed Roadmap 2015, and will continue to fight against job cuts and detrimental actions against IBM employees. The alliance is urging IBM executives listen to their employees and the unions, before this once great company is lost to executive greed and incompetence.