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IndustriALL in solidarity with CNM/CUT after attack

26 November, 2015The offices of the National Confederation of Metalworkers (CNM-CUT) in Brazil, an IndustriALL affiliate, were attacked on 25 November. IndustriALL abhors the violence and expresses its solidarity with the workers.

"I hope that this attack is not inspired by intolerance and hate of democratic and representative institutions that fight to ensure equality of rights and social justice”, said CNM/CUT president Paulo Cayres.

The glass front of the union office, located in São Bernardo do Campo, was smashed on Wednesday night.

We want to see a serious investigation to identify and punish whoever is responsible for this cowardly act”, said Cayres. "The union is waiting for the police to provide images from the security cameras to be able to know who was responsible for the attack."

Fernando Lopes, IndustriALL’s assistant general secretary said:

This criminal and cowardly attack was intended to intimidate metalworkers affiliated to the CUT, but nothing will intimidate these combative workers. I am certain that the CNM will stand firm in the fight for a better Brazil.