IndustriALL Italian affiliates hold a series of actions regarding the STOP Precarious Work campaign

On 8 October IndustriALL affiliate FIOM-CGIL held an action of protest in Milan dedicated to the Global Day Action to STOP precarious Work and called a strike in Milan against the measures of the Italian Government making it easier to dismiss employees in the industry.

The choice of the date was determined by the European Union Jobs Summit, which took place on the same date in Milan.

FIOM is planning to continue with strikes in other cities of Italy in the next weeks leading up to the National demonstration on 25 October called by the trade union confederation CGIL in Rome. If needed the union is prepared to call to a General National Strike.

As part of the actions within the campaign STOP Precarious work on 30 September 2014 IndustriALL affiliate FIM-CISL organized an action with participation of some 1,700 representatives of metalworkers in Piazza Montecitorio in Rome, in front of the Chamber of Deputies and the Presidency of the Council. The event was also the first flash mob in the union's history in Italy. The participants of the action demanded the government to take economic policy measures aimed at re-directing public and private investment at supporting the manufacturing industry, creating new jobs and fighting against unemployment and precarious conditions faced by millions of young people.