Ivory Coast: union condemns lay-offs at Libya Oil


Eight workers at Libya Oil in the Ivory Coast, have been laid off for economic reasons, something disputed by the union SYNTEPCI. The union is also rejecting the company's proposals to pay less compensation than it has done in the past.

The union says the economic reasons given for the redundancies are not supported by evidence.

On the contrary, Libya Oil, which operates in 18 African countries, has increased investments; opening nine new filling stations in 2017, renovating an additional 15, and opening seven shops and two restaurants. In January 2017, the company sold more fuel than it did in the same month in 2016: 9,7 million litres compared to 7.9 million litres. Generally, the company’s sales are increasing.

In a letter to the tripartite National Council for Social Dialogue, the union questions Libya Oil’s arguments.

The economic reasons cited are odd given Ivory Coast’s 2015 GDP growth of 8.2 per cent, which was driven "by the dynamism in agriculture, services, major public works and the petroleum sector".

Surprisingly, Libya Oil

pretends not having benefitted from the growth

argues SYNTEPCI.

The other reasons given for the redundancy include “rationalising the company’s organisational structure for more efficiency.” Again, the union challenges this especially at a time when the company is recruiting new workers, with four hired this year.

Libya Oil also fails to explain how “the introduction of new technology” is linked to the redundancy.

SYNTEPCI general secretary, Jeremie Wondje says:

There must be a social plan for the lay-offs, following the legal requirements for the petroleum sector.