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Los Mineros victory at Teksid

24 April, 2014Settlement was reached at 6:30pm on 22 April ending a strike and replacing the CTM with Los Mineros as the official bargaining partner at Teksid Iron in Monclova, Coahuila.

The settlement ended the work stoppage that was started last Friday and signifies the second significant organizing victory for Los Mineros within a month, after winning a legal battle for union recognition at Excellon’s mine at “La Sierrita”, Durango two weeks ago.

An assembly of Teksid workers applauded the announcement from their spokeswoman, Imelda Jimenez, and counsel of the Los Mineros National Executive Committee, Oscar Alzaga Sánchez, as they read out the signed and legally recognized agreement with the employer.

The yellow CTM union had held the collective bargaining agreement since the Teksid operations began in 1996.

The agreement commits the company to reinstate the three dismissed workers Marisol Ruiz Moreno, Orlando Montoya and Oscar Rodríguez Ponce.

The agreement also meets the workers’ profit-sharing demand and these payments will be made to workers by the end of this week.

The agreement also commits the employer to respect the right of its employees to join the union of their choice; to not take any reprisals against workers involved in the strike; to drop the lawsuit it filed in response to the work stoppage; to respect and engage in collective bargaining.

As reported by IndustriALL earlier on 22 April, 11 Los Mineros-supporting workers were savagely and cowardly assaulted by 80-100 hired thugs, while coming out of a meeting with management and labour authorities on 21 April. This victory was hard-fought.

IndustriALL Global Union salutes these two great organizing victories of its Mexican affiliate Los Mineros.