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Madagascar workers fighting back against Sherritt

14 July, 2015IndustriALL Global Union affiliates and independent unions in Madagascar are hitting back against Canadian mining and energy multinational Sherritt, which they accuse of violating trade union rights and breaching national legislation. 

Unionists at an IndustriALL workshop on organizing and building union power in Antananarivo, Madagascar, painted a graphic picture of Sherritt’s trade union busting tactics and intimidation of workers at its multi-billion-dollar Ambatovy nickel mining operation in the country.

Affiliates at the IndustriALL Sub-Saharan Africa regional workshop on 29 and 30 June shared stories of systemic threats of dismissals and the promotion of yellow unions against established unions.

Unions say Sherritt has violated the labour law of Madagascar by unilaterally announcing the layoffs of 900 workers for six months, without prior consultation with the company’s Comité d’Entreprise (workers committee).

IndustriALL has been given a mandate by the trade unions at local, regional and national level in Madagascar, as well as the trade union Confederation and the independent union organizing at Ambatovy, to take up the unacceptable labour relations situation at Ambatovy with Sherritt’s headquarters in Canada, the local Sherritt management in Madagascar and the government of Madagascar.

IndustriALL, together with its Malagasy affiliate trade unions, FESATI, FSTEM, SVS and SE