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Moroccan unions jointly protest austerity policy

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14 April, 2014On 6 April the Moroccan trade union national centres UMT, CDT and FDT have staged a major march with some ten thousand of participants in Casablanca protesting against imposed by the government austerity plans.

The march was organized in answer to the Moroccan government reluctance to open a serious dialogue with the unions and reconsider polices that lead to declined citizens’ and workers’ purchasing power and recently increased cases of union rights’ violations.

According to the unions under pressure of the international financial institutions the government is using austerity measures like ending subsidies on fuel, which hit in the first place the poorest part of the population.

Government unpopular policies led the Moroccan unions to overcome their differences and join forces in an unprecedented coalition that is currently in the forefront of the social struggle.

Soon after the protest march the Government replied to earlier ignored letter from the unions, however the tone of the reply according to the union leaders was more looking like a summon rather than a genuine invitation to participate in a properly organized social dialogue.