Philippine pharmaceutical unions to increase cooperation


11 union leaders in eight pharmaceutical companies operating in the Philippines met for a one-day strategic meeting on 24 May in Manila, to exchange information and launch a discussion on future coordination through network building.

During the meeting, IndustriALL affiliates at pharmaceutical companies like Boie Takeda, Astra Zeneca, Interphil and Johnson & Johnson, discussed and agreed to build cooperation and establish communication to share common concerns and experiences.

Carlos Urquiola, President of TF-3, stressed that with the ongoing mergers and consolidations in the industry it is necessary for unions to consolidate their power through more collaborations and strengthened solidarity.

“In these challenging times where multinational companies in the pharmaceutical industry are rationalizing operations by workforce reductions, cost-cutting measures and increasing pressure on workers, unions need to fight back and confront the situation head on and united.”

Participating unions decided to schedule regular meetings, inviting all other pharmaceutical unions, build a communication platform using social media to exchange information, workplace and collective bargaining practices.