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Davos 2014: Unions call for leaders to reshape the world economy with jobs and decent wages

22 January, 2014Working people and their families need an urgent shift in policies by leaders to investment in jobs, a minimum wage on which people can live and social protection.

Global union bodies demand justice for Cambodian workers

6 January, 2014IndustriALL Global Union, UNI Global Union and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) have expressed horror at the violent repression of garment worker strikes by security forces and government-backed vigilantes.

Cambodian workers fight for a living wage

29 January, 2014IndustriALL Global Union supports the fight of Cambodian garment workers for a minimum living wage and demands the respect of freedom of association and the release of jailed unionists.

Cambodian Embassies besieged – Free the 23!

10 February, 2014Trade unions and NGOs rallied outside Cambodian Embassies around the world on 10 February demanding the release of Cambodian garment workers detained since the beginning of January. The campaign is set to escalate as they were not freed at the court hearing on 11 February.

Indonesia - minimum wage must equal living wage now!

14 February, 2014At a press conference today in Jakarta, Said Iqbal president of IndustriALL affiliate FSPMI and the KSPI confederation, together with Jyrki Raina, secretary general of IndustriALL Global Union, sent a clear message to the Indonesian government: the minimum wage must be raised to a living wage and all workers must benefit from social security.

Dominican unions map out living wage action plan

18 September, 2014Union leaders in the Dominican Republic agreed an action plan to increase wages in a workshop organized by IndustriALL Global Union in Santo Domingo last week.

IndustriALL Executive Committee in Tunis

8 December, 2014On 4 – 5 December, IndustriALL held its Executive Committee meeting in Tunis. The location was a show of support for Tunisia’s democratic development, in which trade unions have played an important part.

Sri Lankan unions come together for major wage hike

7 May, 2015IndustriALL affiliates in Sri Lanka have through collective actions achieved a wage increase for private sector workers by 15 – 35 per cent, making the minimum national wage for the sector around US$74. 

IndustriALL’s Global Worker is out now

26 May, 2016IndustriALL Global Union’s seventh edition of Global Worker is out and includes a new set of profiles, reports and interviews from a workers’ perspective.

IndustriALL affiliates ready to tackle minimum wage in Uganda

31 August, 2016The last time the Ugandan government revised the minimum wage was in 1984. Since then attempts to increase or table the revision of the minimum wage from US$1.75 per month (UGX6000) have remained fruitless.