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Minimum wage needed to push back exploitation in Uganda

7 March, 2013In February 2013, the Ugandan government agreed to renew efforts to establish a minimum wage, after decades of immobility on the matter.

Labour forum for Malaysian IndustriALL affiliates

28 February, 2013IndustriALL Global Union affiliates in Malaysia gathered for a Labour Forum on 25 and 26 February 2013 identifying common problems and a platform for joint activities in the country.

Families of Bangladesh fire victims get compensation

24 February, 2013On 24 February 2013 Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina handed out compensation to the families of fire victims at Smart Fashion factory of 26 January 2013. The agreement was negotiated by the IndustriALL Regional Office, IndustriALL Bangladesh Council of trade unions (IBC) and brands Inditex and New Look.

Indian contract workers join mining unions

22 February, 2013On 20-21February, Indian trade union members joined a massive general strike calling, among other demands, for an end to contracting out of permanent work. One of the participating unions, the Indian National Mineworkers’ Federation (INMF) has been developing a specific and systematic organizing campaign for workers in precarious employment. Since 2002, INMF has already organized 66,869 precarious workers.

IndustriALL promotes rights of garment workers in Bangladesh

22 February, 2013A multi-stakeholder meeting in Dhaka convened by IndustriALL underlines need for urgent progress on workers’ rights, minimum wages and fire safety in order to secure a sustainable future for the garment industry in Bangladesh.

Singapore affiliates welcome new IndustriALL Regional Office

13 February, 2013IndustriALL’s Singapore affiliates wasted no time in welcoming the opening of IndustriALL’s new South East Asia office on 4 February 2013.

Union membership grows at IG Metall and Unite

31 January, 2013IndustriALL Global Union affiliates, IG Metall and Unite, announced membership growth in 2012, with 18,000 additional members at IG Metall and a boost of 50,000 at Unite.

Carbones de Cerrejón workers vote to go on strike

31 January, 2013Carbones de Cerrejón workers in Colombia have voted to go on strike at the beginning of February. Their union, Sintracarbón, is hoping that the company will make a new proposal that will meet workers’ demands and end the dispute that began on 29 November last year.

Colombian workers unite to build a stronger union

22 January, 2013Colombian IndustriALL affiliate Sintracarbón is currently putting forward equal treatment for precarious workers as a key demand in its negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement with Carbones del Cerrejón, the world’s largest open-pit set of coal mines.

Unions prepare for Mexico Days of Action

17 January, 2013Preparations are continuing for actions around the world marking the 2013 Mexico Days of Action, 18-24 February.