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MUZ leaders commit to union rebuilding

6 November, 2012In order to assist in rebuilding union membership, IndustriALL held an organizing and collective bargaining workshop with the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ).

Colombian women get involved in trade union activities

6 November, 2012At an IndustriALL national seminar for Colombian women, participants agreed to communicate IndustriALL Global Union’s action plan to their colleagues.

Gerdau Workers’ Network unites for rights in Colombia

2 November, 2012See the new campaign leaflet of the Gerdau Workers’ World Council, one of the most active worker networks of IndustriALL affiliates, taking united action to defend the rights of Gerdau workers in Colombia.

Mexican unions unite against regressive labour law reform

1 November, 2012The proposed changes to the labour legislation in Mexico are still poised to legalize the mass abuse of workers in the country; however passage through parliament has been slowed, and Mexican unions yesterday pledged to combat the reform together.

IndustriALL US affiliates rallying for Obama

1 November, 2012Trade unions, including IndustriALL Global Union’s American affiliates, have turned out an estimated 400,000 volunteers to knock on doors and talk to voters in all 50 states for the 6 November poll in the US.

Lesotho workers march for a living wage

1 November, 2012Not accepting delays in the gazetting of minimum wages in Lesotho, 1,000 garment workers marched to the Prime Minister’s office on Monday 29 October 2012 to demand a living wage.

Hyundai Motor India workers on strike

1 November, 2012Hyundai Motor India workers launched their 4th strike action on 30 October 2012 demanding the reinstatement of remaining 27 workers who were dismissed in 2008, recognition of Hyundai Motor India Employees’ Union (HMIEU) and renegotiation of wage agreement.

Violent eviction at La Platosa mine in Mexico

1 November, 2012Workers and community landowners supporting the Section 309 of the National Miners’ Union had set up a protest camp for the last three months outside the La Platosa mine entrance to demand freedom of association. The union is demanding an end to company violence and a solution to the dispute.

European unions protest against Ford plant closures

1 November, 2012Unions mobilize in response to Ford Motor Co.'s bitter news last week that almost 6,000 workers in Belgium and the UK are to lose their jobs in the coming years as part of its announced restructuring of European operations.

UK workers paid less than living wage

1 November, 20125 million workers in the UK are paid less than a living wage, according to research by KPMG, on 29 October 2012