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26 March, 2019Links to all of our publications can be found here


1 November, 2016Version as adopted by the IndustriALL Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 5 October 2016

White-collar workers

3 June, 2019IndustriALL represents both blue-collar and white-collar workers in the metal, chemical, energy, mining, textile and related industries throughout the world.  Organizing white-collar workers is crucial for unions as industry undergoes radical change due to digitalization and new technologies blur the traditional boundaries between blue-collar and white-collar jobs.  

Union Win!

25 October, 2019When we fight back, we can win. Let's celebrate and learn from our victories.

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

11 March, 2019The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) officeAddress:

South East Asia

11 March, 2019South East Asia officeAdd

Middle East and North Africa

8 March, 2019Middle East and North AfricaAhmed KamelRegional Contact Person for Middle East and North AfricaTel: +4915773263709Tel: +201091234717


18 June, 2012 Titular MemberCountrySubstituteCountry1Herwig JORISSEN (2016-2018)Sébastien DUPANLOUP (2018-2020) Belgium


8 March, 2019The automotive sector, jointly with affiliates, focuses on building global networks of workers and unions and aims at engaging automotive companies and their suppliers to protect the interests of workers in the sector. Union strategies are built through facilitation of exchange of information on sector trends and developments. Contact person:

Chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-science

8 March, 2019IndustriALL Global Union has a wide range of activities in the chemical pharmaceutical & bioscience sectors, including global framework agreements, global and regional company-level and sub-sectoral networks and various social dialogue drives. There are also initiatives with intergovernmental organizations on labour-related matters, sustainable development, industrial policy and health & safety issues. Contact person: