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Affiliates in Tunisia and Morocco Reinforce Unity

15 November, 2013As part of its priorities in work programme, IndustriALL Global Union continues to conduct actions in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). The affiliates in Tunisia and Morocco decided to create National Councils towards unity building and coordinating international actions.

IndustriALL supports Tunisian affiliates' mobilization against political killing

31 July, 2013After the general strike, in protest of the killing of opposition leader, Mohammed Brahmi, which was the second killing within six months, the General Union of Workers of Tunisia (UGTT) urged the government to resign.

Airbus refuses to respect workers' rights in Tunisia

2 May, 2013In Fouchana, a suburb of Tunis, the female workers of Latélec, a subsidiary of French Group Latécoère, which is a sub-contractor for Airbus, demand that their trade union rights be respected. As a result the company threatens to leave the country.

Colourful rally opens World Social Forum in Tunisia

28 March, 2013Tens of thousands of people rally in the streets as the World Social Forum opens in Tunis. “Another world is possible” confirm the demonstrators, demanding social justice instead of neo-liberal policies.

IndustriALL supports democracy process in Tunisia

26 March, 2013Ahead of the World Social Forum in Tunis, IndustriALL meets with the government and UGTT unions to reconfirm its support for the democratic development process in Tunisia.

New wave of unrest in Tunisia

14 February, 2013After the assassination of Tunisian opposition leader Chokri Belaïd on 6 February, a general strike was called by the General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT).

Pact on decent jobs signed in Tunisia

17 January, 2013Tunisian workers mark the second anniversary of the revolution that put an end to the regime of President Ben Ali with a benchmark agreement on the creation of decent jobs.

Government in Tunisia cedes to union pressure

13 December, 2012Following a series of mobilizations and a two-day meeting with the representatives of the Government the national trade union center of Tunisia, UGTT, decided to revoke the strike announced for 13 December.

Violence breaks-out in Tunisia against union

6 December, 2012IndustriALL Global Union joins in protests in Tunis and condemns the violent attacks on UGTT members and their head office, which left dozens injured.