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Chilean public and private sector miners unite in national strike

10 April, 2013The Federación de Trabajadores del Cobre (FTC) and the Federación Minera de Chile (FMC), which together represent more than 25,000 workers at the state-owned copper company CODELCO and private sector mining companies, held a national strike on Tuesday 9 April.

Chilean copper workers' dispute worsens

4 April, 2013The death of a CODELCO worker, Nelson Barría, on Wednesday 27 March, caused by a landslide at the Radomiro Tomic opencast mine, has aggravated the dispute between workers and the state-owned mining company.

Chilean copper workers announce national strike

20 March, 2013The Federation of Copper Workers (FTC), affiliated to IndustriALL, has called a national strike at state-owned CODELCO in support of demands for job security, dignified pensions and renationalization of the copper mines.

Chilean trade union leader shot dead

28 February, 2013Chilean workers and trade unions have protested at the murder of a trade union leader and demanded truth and the punishment of those responsible.

Chilean miners at Minera Escondida win million peso bonus

31 January, 2013Chilean miners will receive an unprecedented bonus of 23 million pesos (US$ 48,665) and a 5 per cent pay rise as part of an early conclusion to negotiations. The miners’ union said it was only right that the company should share its profits with the workers.

Outsourced workers at food company in Chile out on strike

20 December, 201273 workers at the Chilean company WFS Food Services have been on strike for 14 days in support of their demand for a new collective agreement and in protest at anti-trade union practices.

Chilean workers discuss new trade union structure

8 November, 2012A further step is made towards building a new unifying trade union structure for stronger collective bargaining in Chile.


3 October, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work