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Sae a Tecnotex Nicaragua illegally dismisses health and safety reps

14 March, 2018Eight workers at the Sae A Tecnotex textile factory in Nicaragua have been fired illegally, and the union FESITEX is claiming a serious breach of freedom of association.  

IndustriALL shows solidarity with FESITEX workers

11 May, 2017IndustriALL Global Union expresses its solidarity with the Esfuerzo Democrático (Democratic Effort) union of SAE Tecnotex, which belongs to its affiliate in Nicaragua, the National Federation of Unions of the Textile, Garment, Leather and Footwear Industries (FESITEX), in its fight to reverse the sentences of 12 workers of that textile enterprise.   

Update on the #Tipitapa12

20 December, 2016The 12 workers arrested for taking part in a protest action against the dismissal of their union reps in Nicaragua, have been sentenced to house arrest.

Justice for the Tipitapa 12

15 December, 2016Twelve workers face a possible jail sentence for taking part in protest action against the dismissal of their union reps in Nicaragua. IndustriALL Global Union has launched a campaign to defend them.

Nicaragua: labour conflict criminalized as protesting workers found guilty

2 December, 2016In a case that sets a disturbing precedent, twelve workers have been found guilty on a range of charges after a labour conflict escalated in a free trade zone.

Fighting for a living wage in Nicaragua

30 October, 2012Garment workers in Nicaragua producing high-quality apparel are earning barely 40 per cent of the government’s ‘basket of goods and services’. Let’s take the case of Veronica.