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Chirico ends hunger strike but the fight goes on

4 August, 2014On Sunday, 3 August, Hugo González Chirico announced the end of his hunger strike but said he will fight on, with the support of workers at the local and international levels.

Hugo González Chirico’s health deteriorates after 60 days on hunger strike

17 July, 2014Hugo González Chirico, president of the CEPAR Workers’ Cooperative (Cootrapar) and FETRAMPAR, affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union, has now completed two months on hunger strike but his health has significantly deteriorated. His children, Hugo and Rolando González, said he is only taking water and that he is now very weak.

Hugo Gonzalez Chirico, Paraguayan trade unionist on hunger strike

5 June, 2014In a weak voice, after suffering periods of sickness and nausea, Hugo Gonzales Chirico, union leader at ACEPAR, explained his determination to continue the hunger strike he began on 22 May, in defence of workers’ rights. He condemned Paraguay’s political class in power which, he said is complicit with the pseudo-employers who ride roughshod over human and labour rights.

Paraguayans oppose Rio Tinto plans

22 January, 2013At the end of 2012, Paraguayans demonstrated against the government’s decision to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the company. Some business sectors have also indicated their opposition to the project and have shown little interest in investing in the proposed industrial park.

IndustriALL questions Rio Tinto’s role in Paraguay

30 July, 2012Immediately resuming negotiations for a $4 billion aluminium plant in Paraguay following the coup d’état, IndustriALL Global Union calls upon Rio Tinto to publicly disclose its interest and involvement, if any, in the coup d’état in Paraguay and the ousting of a legitimately elected democratic government of Fernando Lugo.