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IndustriALL flags labour violation in iPhone 6 production

9 July, 2014Electronics multinational NXP will reportedly supply the microchip technology in the new iPhone 6. IndustriALL Global Union has called on Apple to intervene and ensure a fair settlement in NXP’s Philippine operations, including a return to work for 24 sacked trade unionists.

Pharmaceutical workers in the Philippines defend trade union rights

15 April, 2015Workers from Boie-Takeda staged a picket in front of Takeda Pharmaceutical Philippines office in Makati City on 31 March to defend union rights and respect for collective agreement.

Brands crucial to achieving living wages in Cambodia

12 May, 2015Affiliates from Cambodia and the Philippines came together in Cambodian capital Phnom Penh on May 7-8 to share experiences in their respective campaigns for a living wage and to plan future strategies.

Rio Tinto responsible for wage theft in Australian waters

8 July, 2015The crew of a ship chartered by Rio Tinto has reportedly received no wages for months and has been forced to live and work in filthy conditions.

IndustriALL Women Philippines push for 120 days maternity leave

29 September, 2016IndustriALL women in the Philippines participated in a recent public hearing on the proposed law on increasing maternity leave to 120 days.

Organizing and campaign workshop held in Philippines

25 April, 2017An organizing and campaign workshop was held from 19-21 April in Manila, Philippines, to equip IndustriALL Global Union affiliates with skills and methods to pursue a coherent and structured campaign.

Avon, ‘the company for women’ hurts women in the Philippines

27 January, 2016All across America, Europe and Asia, Avon is well known for its cosmetics and home products used by millions of women who themselves are part of the company’s direct sale agents.

Women unionists in South East Asia mobilize for year ahead

24 February, 2016Women trade unionists from IndustriALL Global Union affiliates in Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines are to make gender equality and maternity protection a priority in 2016, following a series of strategy meetings this month.

Cement unions commit to reinforce organizing in the Philippines

18 February, 2016Having come together for a workshop on 13 – 14  February in Manila, Philippines, cement unions developed a national plan on organizing and recruiting of cement workers and precarious workers in the sector. 

Lives on hold

22 March, 2016Testimonies of textile and electronics workers show that precarious workers in the Cavite region in the Philippines are merely surviving and have a high risk of falling into poverty.