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Ukraine: continued struggle for payment of wages

10 June, 2014Steel, coal and peat mining workers in different regions of Ukraine have been picketing their employers and governmental agencies demanding a wage increase and an elimination of wage arrears.

IndustriALL-FO Final Workshop 'Training of Trainers'

16 October, 2013A final workshop in the two-year joint project of IndustriALL and “Force Ouvrière” took place in Paris, France, on 30 September-4 October. The project 'training of trainers' was organized for the Trade Union of Mining and Metallurgy Workers of Ukraine.

Ukraine: ArcelorMittal workers protest unsafe conditions and poor wages

21 May, 2018Workers at the railway workshop at the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih steel plant have begun industrial action against unsafe working conditions and low wages. 

Ukraine: angry unpaid miners take action underground

31 October, 2018The tragedy of long-standing unpaid Ukrainian takes a new wave of actions underground. Angry miners, together with their union leaders and a parliamentarian, demand to pay out all the arrears in wages to miners for the period from June to September 2018 and for some months of 2015-2017.

Ukrainian miners continue to protest, demanding better pay

17 May, 2017The miners of the Ukranian enterprises Kryvyi Rih Iron-Ore Combine (KZRK) and Evraz Sukha Balka and workers of the ArcelorMittal-Kryvyi Rih steel plant have been protesting for more than a week, demanding significant wage increases. They have created a joint strike committee to coordinate their actions under the leadership of IndustriALL affiliate Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU).

Ukrainian coal miners demand industry support

18 March, 2016Around 500 coal miners from all over Ukraine gathered in Kiev on 17 March and picketed the parliament building demanding it adopt two draft laws to settle some pressing socio-economical issues of the Ukrainian coal mining industry. 

Ukrainian coal miners desperate over unpaid wages

11 August, 2016ITUC and IndustriALL intervene as mine worker sets himself on fire after being driven to despair by the authorities’ indifference about unpaid wages.

Ukrainian miners return above ground after pay promise

26 July, 2017Miners at the Kapustin and Novodruzhska mines in the Lugansk region of Ukraine have come to the surface a week of protesting underground over unpaid salaries. It follows a meeting on 20 July where the Ministry of Energy and Coal approved the payment of outstanding wages, which in some cases stretch back to 2015.


17 October, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work

Miners protest against destruction of coal mining in Ukraine

29 January, 20151,500 coal miners from IndustriALL Global Union affiliates across the Ukraine launched a protest action picketing the Cabinet of Ministers building today (28 January) in the capital Kiev.