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Egypt steps back on workers’ rights

4 December, 2012Egypt’s new draft Constitution will treat workers like criminals and bring unions under tight government control as they were under the Mubarak dictatorship.

Egyptian security forces unleash violent attack on workers

21 February, 2013In the early hours of 17 February, Central Security Forces stormed workers conducting a sit-in at the Portland Cement Factory in Alexandria, injuring dozens of workers. 18 of the striking workers remain in detention.

Egypt – Speedy return to democracy is a must

18 July, 2013Egypt is currently deeply divided and the path forward is profoundly uncertain. IndustriALL Global Union firmly believes that Egypt’s military must quickly get out of politics and allow a speedy return to democracy under a constitution that ensures the fundamental rights of all.

A First national strike in Egypt

23 May, 2013This week saw striking workers resume work at state-owned North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company (NCEDC), after detained workers were released and management retracted a plan to remove certain bonuses.

Egyptian unions fight for living wages

18 September, 2014Egyptian unions consider achievement of living wages to be one of the most important issues for organizing. Existing wage structures are chaotic with some workers being paid much less than others for doing the same work. IndustriALL is working with the emerging independent unions in Egypt to form industry federations capable of fighting for higher wages.

Egypt – unpaid wages at Bahayra

31 May, 2013While recently in Cairo, Kemal Özkan, IndustriALL Assistant General Secretary visited a picket line of workers demanding their salaries which have not been paid for six months. He pledged international support.

IndustriALL deepens its program for independent unions in Egypt

22 July, 2013Just before the famous historic mobilization in Egypt on June 30, IndustriALL Global Union organized two more seminars for workers representatives from energy, textile and garment industries in Alexandria and Mahalla.

Egyptian Minister intervenes in Suez Steel workers strike

19 August, 2013Arrested strike leaders at Suez Steel, Amr Yusif and Abd-al-Ra’uf, were released after an intervention by the Minister of Manpower and Labour, former president of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions (EFITU), Kamal Abu Aita. Meanwhile, the dispute over the implementation of the collective agreement continues.

End to strike at Egypt’s Suez Steel - but struggle continues

29 August, 2013The current dispute over the collective agreement at the Suez Steel plant has been resolved. But as the employer needs to fully recognize trade unions and workers’ rights, IndustriALL Global Union pushes for continued discussions.

Egyptian Schlumberger union launches website

25 September, 2012Embattled workers at oilfield services company Schlumberger in Egypt have struggled to exercise their right to organize since April 2011, in face of strong union-busting by management. In spite of considerable obstacles the enterprise-level union has just launched its own website and continues to push for workers’ rights.