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New agreement averts glass worker strike in Colombia

10 January, 2013Backed with international support from IndustriALL and the United Steelworkers, among others, Colombian affiliate Sintravidricol signed a new 30-month collective agreement for workers at Owens Illinois Peldar on 5 January 2013.

Owens Illinois glass workers alliance takes action

24 January, 2013The Global Glass Alliance of Unions at Owens Illinois (O-I) officially announced their coalition of workers at the company in four continents to CEO Al Strouken on 10 January 2013. The alliance will rally globally during the week of 4 February in joint protest of the company’s increasing hostility to its workers.

Union glass networks reinforce cooperation

3 November, 2014One of the major issues in the glass sector is to ensure a sustainable industrial production not only in Europe, but all over the world. Trade union representatives from thirteen countries and three major glass multinational corporations (MNC) last week met in Korea to discuss their future work in the sector.

Colombia: workers at Havells Sylvania poisoned by mercury

11 February, 2016Workers at Havells Sylvania in Colombia held a protest march to pressure the lighting company into accepting responsibility for exposing them to toxic levels of mercury. 

Georgian glass factory workers on strike

5 February, 2016Workers at the Ksani glass container factory went on strike on 5 February, after management continued to neglect union demands to sign a collective agreement and increase wages.

IndustriALL slams ban on Turkish glass workers’ strike

27 June, 2014In a blatant act of oppression, the Turkish government has banned a strike by 6,000 glass workers under the pretext that it breaches health and safety and national security.

Georgian trade union signs strong collective agreement with Turkish glass company

25 August, 2017After more than a year of negotiations, a collective agreement for the Ksani glass container factory in Georgia was signed. 

Tell AB InBev to respect ruling for reinstatement of dismissed workers in Mexico

30 April, 2014Despite a court ruling, InBev refuses to reinstate 33 workers who were unfairly dismissed in 2008. Join IndustriALL's and IUF's campaign for the workers' right to return to the workplace and the payment of outstanding wages.

Mexican glass workers still fighting

20 November, 2012IndustriALL’s Mexican glass worker affiliate, SUTEIVP, is now in its fifth year of struggle for the right to organize and bargain collectively at the plant producing glass bottles for Corona beer in Potosí, northern Mexico.

Georgia: Union victory after month-long glass strike

14 March, 2016A month-long strike of 170 workers that paralyzed operations at the Ksani glass container factory in Georgia ended on 5 March after tough 12-hour negotiations between the union and management.