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Rio Tinto telling lies on precarious work?

30 April, 2015At Rio Tinto’s AGM in London on 16 April, Rio Tinto CEO Sam Walsh claimed that the company’s outsourcing strategy is all about responding to flexible market demands and accessing particular expertise. However, the global increase of the use of precarious labour at Rio Tinto in all regions of the world tells a different story.

MENA: IndustriALL women create their regional network

30 April, 2015In the framework of the IndustriALL Global Union MENA conference on "Building Union Power through Organizing" some 15 women from Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt from the petrochemical, auto parts, oil and gas, and textile sectors met in Beirut to form a women’s regional network. 

What are you doing on May Day?

30 April, 2015Every year on May Day, IndustriALL Global Union affiliates around the world celebrate the international workers' day. 

MENA unions build cooperation in auto and supplier sectors

30 April, 2015At the MENA Conference in Beirut, IndustriALL Global Union affiliates in the auto and supplier sectors came together in a meeting on the 21 April to reinforce cooperation among each other. 

Lafarge and Holcim workers mobilize for health and safety

30 April, 2015Lafarge and Holcim, the world’s biggest players in the cement industry preparing to merge, have been struck by mobilizations and actions of workers and their unions across the globe.

Nepalese unions launch relief fund

30 April, 2015Unions in Nepal are appealing for solidarity support following Saturday’s devastating earthquake in the country, which has claimed the lives of nearly 5,500 people and injured thousands more. 

MENA textile unions ready to organize more

30 April, 2015Some twenty union leaders from the MENA region, together with affiliates from Europe, attended the IndustriALL Middle East and North Africa Textile, Garment and Leather Sector Unions' Regional Network Meeting in Beirut, Lebanon on 20 April. 

MENA: Let us organize more!

30 April, 2015Following the last years’ active work of IndustriALL in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, IndustriALL affiliates in the region met to deepen discussions and lay out an active organizing agenda.

Oil and gas workers network is launched in MENA region

30 April, 2015Delegates representing oil and gas workers from across the MENA region came to Beirut on 20-21 April to share information, build solidarity and launch the IndustriALL MENA Region Oil and Gas Workers Network.

Rana Plaza – a last push to close the compensation gap

29 April, 201524 April marked the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. After intense campaigning from global unions and other stakeholders, the Rana Plaza compensation fund lacks US$2,7 million to reach the US$30 million needed for the victims and their families.