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Global institutions need to support job creation

22 February, 2013IndustriALL and other global unions are calling on the IMF, the World Bank and the G20 to support sustainable growth and job creation, instead of promoting austerity and labour market deregulation policies that destroy jobs and increase inequality.

Organizing helps us reach our key goals

19 October, 2015Building union power through organizing and growth is the first key goal of IndustriALL Global Union. But it also helps us reach our other goals on living wages, limits on precarious work, and healthier and safer workplaces.

JYRKI RAINA: Welcome to Global Worker

15 December, 2015In this issue of Global Worker, you will see how our affiliates are fighting to make the shipbreaking industry sustainable in South Asia, while our South African union is adapting to the new reality of the global garment sector. All of this is part of our joint worldwide struggle for a better life for our workers.

IndustriALL Global Union keeps fighting back through active campaigns

23 July, 2015Attacks against fundamental rights are continuing and increasing all over the world. Governments and multinational companies use all dirty tactics to prevent workers from joining a union of their free choice and keep them away from our important tools collective bargaining and strikes.

Fighting inequality

30 April, 2014International financial institutions are “concerned” about the growing inequality in the world. IndustriALL has the solutions: the rich should pay their fair share of taxes, minimum wages should be raised and social protection guaranteed for all citizens.

Passion for better lives in Myanmar

31 March, 2015After fifty years of military rule, Myanmar is taking steps towards becoming a democracy and a new industrial tiger. Workers are impatient in their desire for a better life, and they know they need unions for creating a durable change.

IndustriALL executives decide on global action

29 May, 2015Almost 200 participants gathered in Stockholm for IndustriALL Global Union’s Executive Committee on 19-20 May, endorsing action on living wages, organizing, trade union rights and precarious work around the world.

JYRKI RAINA: Welcome to Global Worker

28 November, 2013In Bangladesh, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as at Rio Tinto, IndustriALL Global Union is leading the struggle of workers for dignity and respect.

IndustriALL Global Union family coming together

28 May, 2014The four regional conferences of IndustriALL Global Union confirmed what I was hoping. Our new global union family is coming together, pledging to fight for workers’ rights and living wages everywhere.

Dialogue on union rights opened in Mexico

24 September, 2013IndustriALL and ITUC open dialogue by meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who recognizes the leadership of Napoleón Gómez and promises that his government will not persecute independent unions.