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16 October, 2014OZ KOVO organized legal advice on labour law and a rally to mark the day of action “STOP Precarious Work”

On 07 October 2014 IndustriALL Slovakian affiliate OZ KOVO offered free legal advice on labour law application to the general public in Zilina, Slovakia. One week before the event the union built the public interest by distributing the information in local media resulting in many workers coming for consultation from the union lawyers.

Later in the day the union members from different companies and parts of the country organized a rally through the city of Zilina. At the end of the rally the President of the national confederation KOZ SR, Mr. Jozef Kolar, President of OZ KOVO, Emil Machyna and the leader of young OZ KOVO members, Michal Nirka addressed the gathering and spoke about the precarious work.

During the whole activity young workers distributed ‘STOP precarious work’ leaflets in Slovak language to the public and provided relevant explanations.