Union protest ends in Peru


Union members at Hialpesa, a Peruvian textile and garment factory, have returned to work after a three-day protest over temporary contracts.

Though the workers did not achieve their goal of forcing the company to respect a recent government ruling recognizing their permanent employment relationship, they did succeed in focusing attention on the travesty of Peru’s abusive ‘non-traditional export’ contracts. The union also obtained from the company a commitment that it will make the workers permanent if it fails in its attempts to overturn the ruling on appeal.

Union members at Hialpesa are determined to continue to fight for their rights through all possible channels, and they have the full support of IndustriAll for whom Peru’s non-traditional export contracts are a priority issue.
IndustriAll Global Union has warned the brands sourcing from the company that while the immediate conflict may be over the underlying problem remains unresolved and must be tackled.