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Workplace accident finally recognized

16 December, 2014For the last 13 years, distressed Colombian worker Rubén Montoya has been battling with Sura Insurance Company and Tenaris Tubo Caribe to get a pension and other benefits following a workplace accident leaving him unable to work. A settlement was finally made early December.

Since his workplace accident at the Tenaris plant in Colombia 13 years ago, Rubén Montoya has struggled for his survival. The accident left him unable to work but his employer has until now refused to pay his pension and other benefits. Driven to despair, Montoya has been on hunger strike and twice attempted suicide.  

Finally, together with the mobilization of Colombian union SINTRATUCAR, affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union affiliate FETRAMECOL, and massive support by the Tenaris Workers’ World Council and LabourStart, a financial settlement has been made and Montoya now receives his pension.

IndustriALL assistant general secretary Fernando Lopes says:

We are pleased that a settlement has been made and that Montoya finally receives his due pension. But the time it has taken is outrageous and Montoya has paid a very high price.