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Congratulations on union merger in Romania

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30 May, 1999The merger was approved in mid-April.

ROMANIA: In the first merger of its kind in Romania, and as an example of the unification of the trade union movement in the metalworking sector, the IMF-affiliated Independent Metalworkers' Federation "Henry Coanda" and the National Council of Metalworkers' Federation "Henry Coanda-Fratia" joined together in early 1999 to form the Metalworkers' Federation "Henry Coanda-Fratia." The merger was approved in mid-April at the National Conference, at which the future orientation of the organisation was discussed. Due to the deteriorating economic situation in Romania, with companies closing and many workers being laid off, the first four months of this year has seen a drop in membership, which now stands at 13,000. The IMF and its many members worldwide extend their best wishes to the Metalworkers' Federation "Henry Coanda-Fratia" in its future endeavours.