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IndustriALL flag on its way to the top of the world

2 April, 2012On April 3, 2012, Dorje Khatri, central committee member of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT) will leave Kathmandu on a journey to put the flag of IndustriALL Global Union on Mount Everest.

NEPAL: The flag of the new Global Union, IndustriALL will be put at the top of Mt. Everest by Dorje Khatri. "I will leave Kathmandu on April 3, in a bid to conquer Mt Everest once again," said Khatri. "I will scale the top of the world, from May 15 to May 25, 2012; through South Col bordering to China. I will be back by June 5 in Kathmandu."

In a brief ceremony organized at Kathmandu, GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal handed the IndustriALL flag to Dorje Khatri. Khatri is the central committee member of GEFONT which is an affiliate of the Union of Trekking Travels Rafting and Airline Workers Nepal (UNITRAV), this expedition to Mt Everest will be his eighth attempt. The flag was rolled up in order to keep it secret, as the logo of the new organization will only be launched at the founding Congress in Copenhagen this coming June.

Cde Khatri has successfully completed seven previous attempts. Last year he had hoisted the International Trade Union Confederation's (ITUC's) flag under GEFONT coordinated campaign "Save Climate, Save Himalayas".

GEFONT President Rimal expressed his best wishes on behalf of GEFONT NEC and the entire Nepali working class. Khatri will climb Everest with a team from the UK called UK Adventure Peak , the same group that accompanied him last year. He has successfully taken the flags of the International Metalworkers' Federation, GEFONT and the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI) in past years.