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International metalworkers on crisis in Argentina

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20 December, 2001The general secretary of the International Metalworkers' Federation insists the trade unions must be consulted by any future government.

ARGENTINA: As the entire world watches the extreme and growing crisis situation unravelling in Argentina, the general secretary of the International Metalworkers' Federation, Marcello Malentacchi, insists that the trade unions in the country must be consulted by any future government.
Malentacchi, commenting on the worsening of the economic crisis and the resignation of the country's president, Fernando de la Rúa, says that Argentina is now left in total chaos. "Once again," states the IMF general secretary, "the country is on the brink of total collapse and its people are suffering today for decisions made by bad politicians and extremely tough conditions which the International Monetary Fund and other international institutions have tried to impose on the population of Argentina.
"The trade unions in the country have made numerous efforts to convince the government to change its policies in favour of economic growth and the fair distribution of wealth, but it failed to do so. Now the workers have to pay the price for all the mistakes made by the president and the government.
"This crisis will undoubtedly affect the entire Mercosur region, the whole of Latin America, as well as other parts of the world." Malentacchi insists that the next president of Argentina, who will have to be nominated by Parliament in the coming 48 hours, "must consult with the trade union movement in the country and ascertain the protection of the people."