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Otis workers in Chile on strike

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18 December, 2001Workers request international solidarity after the collapse of collective bargaining for a wage increase.

CHILE: Following the failure of collective negotiations at Ascensores Raab, Rochette S.A. Chile, a company owned by the North American multinational Otis Elevator, workers have been on strike since December 3. During this time the company has replaced the workers with scabs.
Part of the reason for this industrial action, says the company union, is that management is not willing to share the benefits of the company's economic growth of the last three years with its workers by giving them a wage increase. It also appears that the company has been trying to destroy the union, do away with the collective contract and reduce work at the company through subcontracting.
Due to union proposals for its collective contract 2001-2003, there has been an increase in productivity, improvement in efficiency and a decrease in costs, allowing the company to achieve continued economic growth.