Shipbuilding-shipbreaking Action Group meeting

At IndustriALL Global Union’s Shipbuilding-shipbreaking Action group meeting on 12-14 November in Denmark, unions prioritized their activities on organizing and fighting precarious work and will start mapping Multinational Coorporation’s (MNC) in order to the possibilities of creating new trade union networks.

IndustriALL’s Shipbuilding-shipbreaking Action Group(AG) meeting took place on 12-13 November 2013 at Metalskolen (Metalworker’s school) in Jørlunde, Denmark and was hosted by Co-industri/Dansk Metal. 38 participants from 21unions were present.

IndustriALL affiliates from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan ROC, UK and USA actively discussed the following agenda items:

  • Global Trends in Shipbuilding and Shipbreaking Industries
  • Organizing and Fighting against Precarious Work
  • Promoting Sustainable Industry
  • Creating Trade Union Network
  • Developing Future Activities as IndustriALL Global Union

At the beginning of the AG meeting, all participants remembered the victims of the disaster (super typhoon HAIYAN) that hit the Philippines, including Cebu Island, where some major shipyards, are located by having a minute of silence.

See full report on meeting here