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IndustriALL's magazine Global Worker takes an in-depth look at issues relevant to workers all around the world.

The spread of production tied to multinational corporations (MNCs) worldwide has driven employment growth in many countries, bringing new challenges to the union movement. How can MNCs be held accountable for labour rights violations in their supply chains in the absence of global rules and enforcement mechanisms? Workers' rights in the global supply chain

Workers in this industry face dangerous and precarious working conditions, with very little training, safety equipment and medical services, and they receive poverty wages. Cleaning up shipbreaking, the world's most dangerous job

Interview with Iraqi union leader Hashmeya Alsaadawe

With membership levels dwindling, Swedish trade union and IndustriALL affiliate Unionen was faced with a challenge – organize or die. Superheroes to the rescue

As of January 2015, IndustriALL counts two trade unions from Myanmar among its members. In a country where unions have only been legal since 2012, organizing and training are crucial in building worker power. Myanmar, the new union frontier

Supply-chain pressure, coalition and network building, media strategy, and corporate research are all vital elements to trade union campaigning. But it is workers’ solidarity across national borders that, time and again, makes the difference and achieves the win. IndustriALL: Campaigning, organizing and winning

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