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11 March, 2019The global tyre and rubber sector, like many others, is concentrated in the hands of a few main players. Their presence influenced by the global economic crisis and increasing pricing pressure from automobile manufacturers requires a strong union response to protect workers' interests. Contact person:

Middle East and North Africa

8 March, 2019Middle East and North Africa Ahmed KamelRegional Contact Person for Middle East and North AfricaTel: +4915773263709Tel: [email protected]


18 June, 2012  Titular Member Country Substitute Country 1 Herwig JORISSEN (2016-2018) Sébastien DUPANLOUP (2018-2020) 

Overview of Links to Useful HIV/AIDS Related Websites

20 December, 2012The links below are only a small selection of the wide range of websites of organizations which are engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

White-collar workers

3 June, 2019IndustriALL represents both blue-collar and white-collar workers in the metal, chemical, energy, mining, textile and related industries throughout the world.  Organizing white-collar workers is crucial for unions as industry undergoes radical change due to digitalization and new technologies blur the traditional boundaries between blue-collar and white-collar jobs.  

Regional offices

8 April, 2019Sub-Saharan Africa office Johannesburg, South Africa

Action Plan 2016-2020

1 November, 2016Our mission is to build trade union power and to defend workers’ rights in our sectors. Strong democratic unions are essential to social equality and democracy. IndustriALL’s members are its strength. Through organizing, bargaining and campaigning we are united and strong as the global voice of workers in our industries. We commit to working together to transcend national borders and confront global capital.

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14 June, 2012

Sign up and take action

14 June, 2012your rights Tell us about what is happening in your workplace and your union by sending news, photos and videos to: [email protected] your action Take action with IndustriALL by subscribing to regular ACT NOW alerts and weekly HEADLINES at:http://www.industriall-union.org/actnow your union Follow the work of your global union by subscribing to the monthly newsletter IndustriALL @work at: http://www.industriall-union.org/newsletter


14 June, 2012Archive of the articles written by the former organizations: International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF), International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) and International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation (ITGLWF).