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Unions call to end grave human rights violations against Rohingyas in Myanmar

17 October, 2017IndustriALL Bangladesh Council is calling on the international community to put pressure on the Myanmar government to end the campaign of genocide on Rohingyas, and take immediate steps to repatriate all Rohingyas with full dignity and safety.

The unimaginable violence against Rohingyas unleashed by the Myanmar army in Rakhain province in late August 2017, resulted in over half a million people crossing the border and arriving in Bangladesh as refugees. The majority of the refugees are women, children, eldrely people and new born babies requiring aid and help.

The labour leaders acknowledged the Bangladesh government’s courageous decision to provide shelter to Rohingya refugees. They urged garment workers, factory owners and people at large to raise voice and take action against ethnic cleansing and come forward to help the Rohingya refugees.

The IndustriALL Bangladesh council, issued a joint statement and demanded that:

  • The Myanmar Government should end the grave human rights violations perpetrated by the military on the Rohingyas and take steps immediately to repatriate all Rohingyas with full dignity, ensure their safety and rights and allow access to those seeking to provide support to Rohingyas
  • International agencies and governments must support the Government of Bangladesh and its people in providing humanitarian help to the Rohingya refugees, who have been made homeless
  • Myanmar government and agencies should accept and implement the recommendations of the Kofi Annan-led Rakhine Advisory Commission
  • International presence for repatriation of the refugees with full dignity
  • International solidarity support of trade unions and consumers to create pressure on those companies invested in Myanmar, where blood shed and rape are happening

Amirul Haque Amin of the NGWF says:

“It is of paramount importance for unions to address the Rohingya humanitarian crisis. Some union volunteers are already engaged in relief work in Chittagong. We are also reaching out to large number of garment workers and people to seek support. The emergency solidarity fund launched by unions will be used to provide medical, food, clothes and other necessary support to Rohingya refugees. We seek support of international community to apply pressure on the Myanmar government to stop the genocide and ensure peaceful repatriation of refugees with dignity."

Bangladesh Garment workers have launched an emergency solidarity fund to help refugees. They are calling on the international community to stop trade concessions, sourcing and boycott products to create pressure on Myanmar to stop the genocide immediately.

The UN refugee agency UNHCR, increased its estimate of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh from 536,000 as 12 October to 582,000 as of 17 October, signifying the unabated violence in Myanmar. Since 25 August 2017, when the exodus began, on average 14,300 refugees every day arrived in Bangladesh. The UNHCR terms it as one of the fastest growing humanitarian crisis.