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Escalating violence in Myanmar

21 décembre, 2021Since mid-December, the Myanmar military has intensified operations against the People’s Defence Force (PDF) and the search for pro-democracy activists. Clashes between soldiers and civilians have led to dozens of casualties. Thousands of villagers have been internally displaced during indiscriminate artillery strikes.

Global solidarity of Sanofi trade unions

21 décembre, 2021The strong international network of unions of Sanofi employees from over 30 countries continues working together to build unity and solidarity at the global pharmaceuticals company.

Atle Høie: Welcome to Global Worker (#2-2021)

20 décembre, 2021When this issue of the Global Worker is published, the military has ruled Myanmar with an iron fist for nearly eleven months. 

Achieving sustainable change

17 décembre, 2021In its first meeting since Congress in September, IndustriALL’s women’s committee discussed priorities for the coming four years. Bridging the gender pay gap and the future of work for women in IndustriALL’s sectors were among the issues on the agenda.

Carnage continues in Pakistan’s mines as IndustriALL meets with government representatives

17 décembre, 2021Representatives of IndustriALL Global Union met with the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Pakistani government at the Permanent Mission in Geneva on 14 December, to address the ongoing carnage in the country’s coal mines.

The future of Industry 4.0 and green technology in the Middle East and North Africa

17 décembre, 2021On 9 December, IndustriALL and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) jointly hosted the first regional meeting on Industry 4.0 and green technology for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The meeting had around 50 participants from across the region.

South African union and communities march against privatization of Eskom

16 décembre, 2021Hundreds of workers and affected communities marched to the offices of Eskom in Johannesburg on 11 December to protest the privatization of the public power utility which they say is leading to job losses for tens of thousands of workers and will make electricity unaffordable to poor communities.

Ten years after Zhanaozen, Kazakh unions still under pressure

16 décembre, 202116 December marks the ten-year anniversary of the tragedy in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, where police opened fire on protestors, killing 17 and injuring more than 100 workers. The violence ended a seven-month long strike, involving more than 3,000 workers demanding a wage increase.

IndustriALL’s new leadership team holds first executive committee meeting

16 décembre, 2021At IndustriALL Global Union’s Executive Committee meeting, held online on 15 December, titular members and observers discussed what the organization needs to focus on to be best equipped to tackle challenges ahead.

UPM cuts down collective bargaining in Finland

15 décembre, 2021Finnish multinational forestry, pulp and paper company UPM has refused to negotiate a company-wide collective contract, weeks before the expiry of the national sectoral agreement.