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French unions keep fighting pension reforms

24 janvier, 2023More than one million people took to the streets in France on 19 January to protest the government’s pension reform, which includes raising the pension age from 62 to 64. French unions are calling for a second day of strikes on 31 January unless the proposal is withdrawn. 

Korea: union offices raided

20 janvier, 2023The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) had their offices raided twice this week, by the National Intelligence Service (NIS), alleging that members of KCTU violated the National Security Act.

Organizing is our key to changing the balance of power

20 janvier, 2023The global elite has met again in Davos, Switzerland, this week, after a break of a few years due to Covid – and they are richer than ever.  

Belarus must release imprisoned union leaders and activists

19 janvier, 2023A court in Belarus has sentenced leaders of independent trade unions to unduly harsh prison terms up to nine years on politically motivated charges.To date, courts in Belarus have sentenced at least 16 leaders and activists of independent unions to lengthy prison terms or restriction of freedom.

Union power yields collective bargaining agreements

19 janvier, 2023Unions in India’s Pune region, who are members of IndustriALL affiliate Shramik Ekta Mahasangh, signed nine collective bargaining agreements with multinational companies in 2022.

Building union power in the textile and garment industry

18 janvier, 2023Unions all over the world struggle to defend workers’ rights amid employer opposition and complicated global supply chains. To support unions in organizing and bargaining, IndustriALL is launching a handbook for strategic corporate research and campaigning for unions in the textile and garment industry.

FEATURE: Crisis of low wages impoverishes Asian and African textile and garment workers

16 janvier, 2023After the Covid-19 induced crisis of the last three years, uncertainty continues for millions of workers globally, as the working class is in the grip of a low wage crisis.

Turkish paper workers picket for higher wages

16 janvier, 2023The majority of the 170 permanent workers at the Kartonsan paper factory in Kocaeli, Turkey, have been on strike since December last year.

Unsafe shipbreaking yards in Bangladesh continue to take workers’ lives

16 janvier, 2023Workers’ lives continue to be in danger due to the unsafe working conditions at Bangladesh’s shipbreaking yards. Two accidents occurred on 12 January in two separate yards, killing one worker and severely injuring the other.

Organizing with industriALL

16 janvier, 2023Because workers are stronger together!