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100 years for Finnish metalworkers

21 June, 19997,000 metalworkers celebrated their anniversary in the streets of Helsinki, Finland.

Closer IMF cooperation

21 June, 1999At the IMF Executive Committee meeting, taking place today in Helsinki, the IMF General Secretary predicted closer trade union cooperation, including collective bargaining.

New study on financial crises

20 June, 1999International metal union publishes document on economic globalisation and financial crises, their impact and the challenges they pose for metalworkers.

Over two million new members

17 June, 1999

New EMF General Secretary

17 June, 1999Reinhard Kuhlmann has been elected as new General Secretary of the European Metalworkers' Federation.

Metalworkers and the Euro

16 June, 1999Metalworkers' meeting will debate the challenges and opportunities of the EU currency on the global economy, industry and the metalworkers.

Big Three talks begin

16 June, 1999The UAW has set job security and outsourcing as key issues for this year's simultaneous bargaining with the automakers.

Record number of candidates

15 June, 1999Tomorrow, the European Metalworkers' Federation, the EMF, will elect a new General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary.

New convention<br>on child labour

15 June, 1999Bill Clinton, Ruth Dreifuss, Nobel laureate speak at the ILO's annual International Labour Conference.

Two million new members

14 June, 1999One-third of the world's 68 million metalworkers will soon belong to the IMF.