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Samsung electronics workers announce indefinite strike

12 julio, 2024The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) in South Korea has mobilized 6,000 members to join the first strike in the 55-year history of Samsung Electronics at the company’s semiconductor facility in Hwaseong. The strike was called over failed collective bargaining negotiations and union busting.

Tanzanian unions engage on the national action plan on business and human rights

11 julio, 2024With Tanzania’s national action plan (NAP) on business and human rights at an advanced stage of formulation and expected to be finalized before the end of the year, 30 participants from trade unions, civil society organizations, and informal economy workers met in Dar es Salaam on 9-10 July to strategize on the demands that they want included.

Workers confront sexual exploitation at Ugandan cardboard manufacturing factory

9 julio, 2024Following a series of training workshops to stop gender-based violence, workers are confronting the perpetrators as heard in testimonies at IndustriALL women’s committee meetings.

In Sweden, the fight against Tesla continues

8 julio, 2024Citizens and trade unions in Europe continue to fight against the methods employed by the American company Tesla. While plans to expand the company’s German production site at Grünheide, near Berlin, are still being contested by local environmental activists, Tesla mechanics in Sweden have been on strike for the last eight month. They have been supported by a large cross-industry boycott.

Unions demand strong engagement in AngloAmerican restructuring

4 julio, 2024Union leaders from the affiliates of IndustriALL Global Union in Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe representing workers at AngloAmerican operations worldwide met the company management on 26-27 June 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa as part of the annual global dialogue.

Central American workers face crisis amid Delta Apparel's operations suspension

4 julio, 2024Thousands of Central American workers are grappling with an uncertain future after Delta Apparel Inc. announced a sudden suspension of operations, citing financial difficulties. The announcement has sparked protests and highlighted the precarious situation workers face in the region's maquila sector.

Chile finally ratifies ILO C176 on mine safety

4 julio, 2024After years of campaigning by IndustriALL and its affiliates, the government of Chile has ratified ILO Convention 176. Unions in the country welcome this important step towards a safer mining industry.

IndustriALL affiliates address organizing challenges in wind energy

3 julio, 2024On 27-28 June, IndustriALL Global Union affiliates from across the globe met in Vienna to discuss an organizing campaign in the wind power sector.

Global effort to uphold and advance LGBTI rights needed

1 julio, 2024A webinar hosted by the Council of Global Unions LGBTI Coordinating Committee, which was attended by 175 people on 26 June, brought together speakers from the United Nations, trade unions and civil rights groups. The event, "Forward despite the backlash: LGBTI rights and the freedom of association," delved into the complexities of advocating for LGBTI rights in the face of increasing global restrictions on freedom of association and expression, and the current anti-LGBTI backlash.

Lesotho: enhancing safety and inclusiveness at work

27 junio, 2024Unions in Lesotho are supporting a project on safe and inclusive work environments which will focus on occupational health and safety and ending gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH).