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Unions address key challenges in chemical and pharmaceutical industries

28 septiembre, 2023IndustriALL concluded global meetings for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey from 25-27 September. The event brought together 180 participants from 46 unions across 36 countries to discuss pressing issues in these fast-evolving sectors.

Swedish agreement provides upskilling and reskilling for white-collar workers

28 septiembre, 2023Upskilling and reskilling for everyone without losing income is a major intention of the Swedish tripartite agreement. This agreement which benefits all workers is especially of great importance for white-collar workers.

A safe pulp and paper industry is a key priority

28 septiembre, 2023Discussions on health and safety took centre stage last week, when unions from around the world met in Stockholm, Sweden, for the first in-person meeting of the IndustriALL Global Union work group for the pulp and paper sector since 2019.

Steel workers demand better working conditions and a clear plan for navigating the green transition

26 septiembre, 2023The reconstruction of Ukraine, the need to pay workers fairly amid the cost-of-living crisis and preparing clear socially just and inclusive plans for decarbonising the steel sector were issues raised by trade unions TUAC, IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll Europe at the OECD Steel Committee.

MENA region forms chemical network

25 septiembre, 2023The right to unionize, health and safety, social dialogue and developing visions about Just Transition, were topics debated at the establishment of the regional network of chemical unions in the Middle East and North Africa region, MENA. This network aims to unite union efforts, develop strategies to confront common issues and exchange experiences.

UAW threatens to expand strike as deadline approaches

21 septiembre, 2023IndustriALL affiliate, the United Auto Workers (UAW) is entering its sixth day of strike, and UAW President Shawn Fain has issued a stern warning: unless Ford, General Motors, or Stellantis, collectively known as the Big Three, make substantial progress towards a fair agreement by Friday 22 September, the strike will escalate.

Union to contest unjust court judgment against Malagasy unionist

20 septiembre, 2023On 15 September, the Appeals Court in Antananarivo dismissed an application by Sento Chang for the nullification of his conviction and sentence over posting about union activities on social media. SVS, an IndustriALL affiliate, is determined to contest the unjust court judgement. 

Organizing workers in Bangladesh remains a challenge

19 septiembre, 2023The progress reported by the government of Bangladesh on the implementation of the ILO roadmap, particularly regarding addressing acts of anti-union discrimination and violence against workers, is far from the reality experienced by trade unionists who daily encounter different challenges while organizing workers in garment factories in the country.

We need mandatory human rights due diligence laws now

19 septiembre, 2023Presenters at the Mary Robinson Speaker Series on business and human rights concur that debates are shifting from voluntary measures of due diligence to a mandatory due diligence that includes international human rights and labour standards. The webinar held on 14 September took place under the theme: Raising the bar: regulating cororate abuse. 

Building organizing power in South East Asia

19 septiembre, 202320 organizers met in Bangkok, Thailand to complete their three-year Organizers’ Development Programme (ODP), a joint training developed by IndustriALL and IG Metall focusing on strategic organizing, methods and campaigns. The aim is to provide organizers with skills and knowledge to develop organizing strategies, strategic planning and campaigning.