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Iraqi government withdraws fuel increase proposal after workers protest

15 junio, 2023Workers of the South Refineries Company in Basra, Dhi Qar and Maysan, as well as workers of petroleum products companies, had protest demonstrations in front of the companies’ headquarters from 25 to 30 May.

Unionists demand all charges against jailed Belarusian trade union leaders be dropped

15 junio, 2023Today global unions, trade union activists and delegates in attendance at the 111th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva gathered at the Broken Chair to call for the immediate release of imprisoned Belarusian trade unionists and an end to the repression of workers’ rights.

Building workers’ power along the Hop Lun Group supply chain

19 junio, 2023Union leaders and workers from Hop Lun production facilities in Bangladesh and Indonesia met in Semarang city, Indonesia on 10 June, committing to building solidarity and improving industrial relations throughout the supply chain.

Global youth conference calls for inclusive union structures

21 junio, 2023Delegates at IndustriALL’s global youth conference call for inclusive union structure, guaranteeing young unionists a voice in the future.

Union to fight Anglo American attempts to avoid health and safety laws

28 junio, 2023IndustriALL's affiliate, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), is planning to picket at the Anglo American offices in Johannesburg on 14 July to protest proposals to avoid stricter health and safety laws at some of the mining multinational's South African operations.

Tunisia is sliding into totalitarianism, warn the global unions

28 junio, 2023A combination of unconstitutional legislation signed by the Tunisian President and administrative orders pushed by the Speaker of the Parliament and the judicial authorities are severely restricting the right of the Tunisian people to be informed, to monitor the work of public officials and to hold them to account.  

Gunmen murder union leaders and workers in Honduras

5 julio, 2023A group of gunmen murdered thirteen people in Honduras, including four union leaders and several workers from the Gildan plant in San Miguel. IndustriALL has strongly condemned the killings and has called for justice to be done without delay.

Malagasy trade unionist seeks justice

13 julio, 2023Malagasy trade unionist, Zotiakobanjinina Fanja Marcel Sento Chang (26), vividly recalls the events leading to his unjust imprisonment for nine months for a social media post about discussions during a meeting with management at the E-Toile SA garment factory in Antananarivo where he worked as a machinist. 

Workers in Nepal demand fair wages

14 julio, 2023IndustriALL affiliates in Nepal have submitted a joint memorandum to the Labour Minister and Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industries, demanding that the minimum wage be raised to NPR 26,200 (US$200).

Korean trade unions protest against escalating repression

25 julio, 2023On 20 July 2023, the Korean Metal Workers' Union (KMWU) took another strong stand against trade union repression in Korea, calling for an end to the heavy-handed tactics employed by the government. The protest gained momentum as over 100,000 KMWU members from various industries participated in a nationwide strike in early July, demanding better labour rights and justice.